Homeshool up-date

The past few months have been busy for me. I have been researching just about anything and everything I can think of on homeschooling. My husband and I have researched a lot of homeschooling options and learned quiet a lot of information and the different types of homeschooling that is out there. There are un-schoolers, religious homeschooling, freelance homeschooling, free online public schools and co-ops that cost money. We went over or finances to find where we can cut, clip, and crimp to fit more happiness into our household. We did end up selling the Xbox and the devil games as I call them and we decided to get the boys more involved in the finances in hopes that it will give them some sense of control and learn more about money. We had to sit the boys down and explain what homeschool is and that we can only afford to do it when they get home from school. My oldest didn’t like it one bit. We told them we will give public school another year and work on homeschooling after and on school breaks so they can get used to it. It was a win-win situation for us. The school ended up getting a new counselor and a “bully-free zone” tactics in place. I was pleased. I knew that this year would be different.

The boys and Sports

The boys did not want to do any sports this year so we are taking a break. Next year my oldest son will be in sixth grade and can play football at school. I asked him about it the other day he said that he is wanting to play next year. I ended up with a big smile across my momma face. I love football. I hate the dangers of it. My momma brain tells me to push band and keep them safe from harm, but my Sparta mom part of my brain tells me to let him play. My youngest loves soccer, but I heard the soccer leagues aren’t doing so well in getting recruits. I would love to be a coach, but I don’t know much about soccer. When I get the guts I will tell you and keep you posted on how well I’m doing or not.

Spiritual Me and Religion

Now, for the spiritual part. I have been going through some rough times. With all my Bible research it only leads me to more deeper and some times it feels taboo. I need them answered so the search continues. It started last Christmas when I was first learning about Minimalism. (FYI: Minimalism is when you live with less material possessions so you can have more freedom to just- live.) I love the feel of freedom and less cleaning is good too. I remember getting my tree out and asking myself,”If Christmas is about Jesus, why are we decorating trees?” I Googled it and found a lot of information. I was surprised that it came from paganism. I read on and on, it was very interesting. I tried to tell others that would listen, but to no avail they didn’t believe me. After that I didn’t feel like putting up a Christmas tree. I told my husband that I feel like buying a “HUGE” nativity set and putting it up in our living room and surrounding it with only three presents. I told my husband that it would help us with the stress of Christmas shopping. He didn’t like that to much. My husband is traditional in that aspect. Then I told him about the money we would be able to save. I only won a smile and lost the argument.

That is only one story, I will have to type more later and give my fingers some rest. This last part is going to be about my health. I am going to end this night with an Epson salt bath that I have been looking forward to all day. Goodnight everyone!

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