Thanksgiving @ my House!

I call it cooking all day for one meal. We ate our Thanksgiving meal for dinner this year. We usually have it around noon. That means I stay up almost all night to cook and then pass out from a turkey induced coma and lack of sleep. I like sleep, so cooking in the day helped. I do want to make our Thanksgiving easier and faster. Every year we end up with a lot of left overs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving leftovers. As I am getting older I am becoming more health cautious. This year I ate turkey instead of ham. I been swelling up pretty bad so I am staying away from the very salty food. I found that taking a bath in epsom salt is helping out with my swelling at night. This year I went on youtube and got the recipe for the turkey. I made it with fresh rosemary and sage. I also found out that rosemary and sage is good for inflammation. I am proud to say that my turkey came out very moist. It made me very happy. Though, I shouldn’t of made the turkey gravy from scratch. It was very good and flavorful, but don’t know if making it at home is better for me than the instant powder I buy every year at the store. I am hooked on it now.

I have an interest in vegan recipes. That night I went on kindle an bought a vegan recipe book. I found some good recipes in it that I can cook to take the place of some bad foods that I want to get out of my families diet. Like, banana pancakes, pizza, and vegan chicken recipes. Last year, I feel in love with almond milk. I love the taste, but it can get expensive for a family of four on a tight grocery budget.

This Thanksgiving was very fulfilling!